Hi! I’m Edwin Fan, a software engineer based in Singapore. I’ve worn many hats across various industries. Here are some of my accomplishments:

  • Solo-developed and shipped a game NEO Impossible bosses on the steam store. More details on this page.
  • Stint in the cryptocurrency industry, helping to port/setup backend servers for a cryptocurrency exchange and hardening security via offline signing of transactions.
  • Stint in the robotics industry, porting joint trajectory control related packages from ROS to ROS2, coding up visual AStar pathing debuggers, various simulation scenarios and informational webpanels.
  • Busted my trading account trying to figure out ways to play the stock market. Don't worry, it's a token sum.

I do mainly C/C++ programming, though I am able to work in many other languages including Java, Javascript, Go, Python, C#.

For a more details with a consulting/hiring-focus, you want my Resume. Or my github.

You can contact me via email liangdeng.fan -at- gmail.com